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Despite of various advantages offered by a digital image we can not deny the fact that they are prone to corruption and damage. The corruption/damage may vary from file to file and thus, every corruption or damage must be treated differently. Therefore, there is very few software which provide recovery from a corrupt image files.


Let us discuss a list of JPEG errors that cause corruption and inaccessibility of our valuable digital photos:


Bit Error/Color Error in JPEG Scan


This is one of the worst errors that can occur in JPEG/JPG image/s. In this error most of the parts of an image file is in order but some parts/pieces of it are wrong. This kind of error occurs when there is some problem in the storage medium or due to transmission errors. A JPEG/JPG image with faded lines in wrong colors is a clear indication of ‘Bit/Color Error’.


This corruption is really difficult because JPEG format does not excuse any bit faults. JPEG scan uses sequential compression technique. That means each and every data region in JPEG file is compressed with the help of previous data region of that file. And if the previous data region is corrupt then successive decoding will be erroneous which results in faded lines of different wrong colors on JPEG/JPG image.


We Provide:


  • Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair software can handle all such kinds of corruptions be it bit error in JPEG scan. Try free demo version of software!


    Grey Area in an Image (Interrupted/Incomplete Scan)
    Sometimes the transferring of JPEG/JPG photos from digital camera to computer or other storage medium may result in photo corruption. Due to transmission error some parts of our image may become grey.


We Provide:


  • Our software is smart enough to determine this kind of error/corruption in a JPEG image and thus, offers a full proof solution to repair it.


Recovery from Thumbnail is Possible


Sometimes we receive user queries like:


"I can see the thumbnail of my image file, but can’t open an image file itself"


The problem is pretty much clear. In JPEG image format, the ‘thumbnail’ of an image is saved in the header of the file. Whenever a digital camera captures a photo in JPEG format its miniature is saved in its corresponding JPEG file header. Sometimes due to faults in JPEG image file, we can see its thumbnail but cannot access the whole file.


We Provide:


  • Our software recognizes the thumbnail of any resolution in broken or valid images. And shows them with the list of recovered JPEG files.


Corrupt or Broken JPEG Header

A JPEG/JPG photo file can be divided in two parts:

  • JPEG – Header
  • JPEG – Scan



A JPEG header carries all the data required to decode a JPEG scan. And hence, if the header of JPEG file gets corrupt then its recovery is next to impossible.


We Provide:


  • Our software can repair and recovery JPEG files corrupt due to broken/ damaged/ corrupt header.


Corrupt or Broken JPEG Header

Therefore, if you are the one who is suffering from any of the above mentioned JPEG error, then our software is best recourse to get back your irreplaceable memories (photos).